Student Societies

Computer Society

The main objective of Computer Society is to develop a dynamic team of competitors that can lead TYTC to the path of excellence in the various areas of information technology. The society is responsible for organizing local and national level seminars, student workshops on current technologies, and other activities, including software competitions, speed programming competitions, Internet gaming contest, and IT quiz competitions.

Girls Society

The Girls Society is a platform for the female students of the College that enables them to organize on campus female only activities. It helps the female students of the institution to explore their hidden talents as well as discuss, through workshops and seminars, issues primarily relevant to females. The society also organizes workshops that help improve confidence and communication skills of female students.

Sports Society

The Sports Society organizes various student and faculty (both male and female) sports activities in the College, including Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Athletics, Chess, and Tug-of-War. It organizes the yearly TYTC Olympics, a mega annual sports festival. The society also faiclitates students to take part in the various sports competitions held at the university and inter university levels.