Computer Course

07A - Diploma In Computer Graphics Design (DCGD)

Course Subject Theory Practical Attendance Discipline Marks

First Semester

  • What is a Computer?
  • Components of Computer System
  • Computer Generation and Classification
  • Basic Concept of Hardware & Software
  • Classification of Computer Devices
  • Concept of Data Representation
  • Fundamentals of Operating System
  • File and Directory Management
  • Basic Concept of Programming Languages
  • Basic Concept of Computer Networks
  • Definition of Computer Maintenance
Microsoft Office
Word Processing Program
  • Microsoft Word (All Versions)
Spreadsheet Program
  • Microsoft Excel (All Versions)
Database Management System
  • Microsoft Access (All Versions)
Graphical Presentation Program
  • Microsoft Power Point (All Versions)
Typing Master Program
  • Typing Master (Bangla & English)

Second Semester

Graphics Design
  • Introduction to Graphics Design
Photo Editing Program
  • Adobe Photoshop CS
Artwork Graphics Program
  • Adobe Illustrator CS
Page Makeup Program
  • Quark Xpress/Adobe InDesign CS
  • Project Work
500 600 50 50 1200

Course More Information

  • Course Duration: 6 Month's
  • Course Total Marks: 1200
  • Course Fee Installment: 8,000/-
  • Course Fee At a Time: 5,200/-

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